Sandra’s works are highly recognizable nationally. They have been on magazine covers, advertisements, catwalks, and weddings.

Sandra is for elegant and extravagant styles, her special occasion designs feature spectacular finishes that leave lasting impressions.

These have been seen on world renown models at international hair and beauty shows.

For all her experience, Sandra remains open to learning and pushing new techniques and technology in hair design.


London. High style elegance. Street fashion buzz. These were the influences and inspirations that surrounded Jeremy when he started in the fashion industry. The excitement lives on today.

Jeremy continues to create original ideas in hair design.
He remains a trend creator in the industry and style-conscious consumers, teaching them to understand and recognise how good hairstyles and designs can make a difference to image and lives.


From being apprenticed to a shampoo assistant, Iris worked her way up to professional hairdresser. Always looking to improve, she studied in the U.K. , Shanghai and Europe, and boldly pairs old skills with innovations in the hair industry. Her flair and dedication has earned her loyal clients for over 20 years.

Whenever she can, Iris engages in hair and fashion events, and charity work, always giving from her heart.